Hi. I am Jesus Mejorado and I’d like to welcome everyone to my Baby Books website. The site was created to provide help with anything to do with parenting, babies, and family in general. Books, with the right guidance, can be very helpful for both parent and child.

A little about my experience

I have a baby girl that’s 6 months old. She is the whole world to me. All I ever thought of, since my wife and I found out she was pregnant, was to be the best parent I can be. I do a lot of research on any subject I may come across, but parenting has been the one subject that has left me with more questions than answers I can find or that anyone can offer.

I have come across articles and books with information that only left us baffled and in some cases uninterested. That’s not the way to think when you’re thinking of parenting. After my wife’s pregnancy and having our child home, I can safely say that I can pin point what information was the best in our case.

That’s where my Baby Books website comes in. Not everyone is the same, so not every book out there will work for everybody. Here at Baby Books, we will have as much detail and as much knowledge we can offer to help everyone choose the right products the may need for their own scenario. Be it a new parent, a first child, a single parent, twins, a newborn, a 1-year old, feedings, dressing, bathing, changing, allergies, books for a parent, books for a baby or a child, etc. Baby Books is here to help pin point the books that will help best.

My Interest

I did not know what having a baby at home would mean when we first found out about the pregnancy. I was happy but I had concerns and questions. I believe every single parent goes through that. I am here to offer as much help as possible to have a better community of parents and children growing up.

It is sad to see a world of such ugliness. You have probably heard the old it takes a village saying. Let’s make a better community as a whole by helping each individual grow.

My Goal

As a parent, I want the best care for my child and I want those around me to have the same intention. I need to pass this same perception on to others with the hope of creating a community of parents helping each other bring a new generation up for a better future. It all starts with the first steps we take after finding out our families are growing. Let’s be healthy. Let’s be baby friendly. Let’s be educated. Welcome to Baby Books.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,