You’ve been through the checklist, now I’ll take you through baby care products I’ve personally tried and prefer. This list in particular will cover newborn care products.

In my journey with my little one, I have come to do quite a bit of research to provide the best products I can. When I say the best products, I mean the best both in quality and in price. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other while you’re only trying to protect and provide for your newborn.

This baby care products list will not follow the exact order in the newborn care checklist post but is designed to further assist you as lists working together for the care of your baby and what products may assist in this care.

As the list goes on, you’ll notice I have only posted products I have experience with. I will not suggest or advice on anything I cannot vouch for. I can confidently say this will help you in making good decisions in the products you use with your newborn as they with my wife and I.

Important Items

I’ll start by bringing up a few things you’ll need from the moment you leave the hospital to maintaining your baby at home.

  • I own the Graco Snug Ride Snuglock 35 baby car seat. Both the base and seat came together and what I like most is that the baby Baby car seatseat works with the stroller we have.
  • The stroller Uno2Duo by Graco works perfect with this car seat and I love that it adjusts to add a second baby seat to take my daughter and niece out for a stroll at the same time. Baby stroller
  • Nasal bulbs work fine. We actually received a few in the baby shower gift sets and had already prepared ourselves with one from the pharmacy. We also tried saline and breast milk to loosen up the phlegm and they both seem to work fine. The NoseFrida is what surprised me and we actually like using it when our baby’s nose is stuffed. Follow the instructions to the Nose Frida and do not try it if you doubt yourself or its use.

Diaper Changes

This list mentions both disposable and reusable or cloth diapers. Most of the list will apply and make sense to your needs.

  • Disposable diapers will be a challenge to get through. DiapersNot only is it a job to make sure you have the right size for your baby, but you need to look out for any rashes or signs that the diapers aren’t a good fit or pair with your baby’s shape and skin. We tried several brands that we thought we’d give a try to some that were given to us which include brands out of the country as well. Out of the several diapers we came across, we favor Pampers and Huggies. They seem to be the most comfortable for our baby and as parents, we like the indicator that these two have that will allow you to see if the diaper is wet. Very good quality and comfort out of these two.
  • To prevent or to help clear up rashes and irritation in diaper areas, Diaper rash ointmentI use one of these two ointments on my baby. Dr. Smith’s helps clear up any irritation on the skin while Diaper Doo is better to prevent it from irritating and keeps the skin nice and smooth to avoid any friction in movements that can cause rashes..
  • Disposable wipes may be the least to worry about. All brands seem to work fine. I noticed that scented wipes could cause some irritation so I stopped using them. Other than that, I was happy with brands Huggies, Pampers, and Parent’s ChoiceWipes


Never leave your baby unattended at any moment while getting tub ready or bathing. Get used to gathering everything beforehand. Have your water running into tub to warm it up as you gather wash cloths, soap, lotion, towels and clothes for after the bath.

  • Always make sure your baby tub is age appropriate. Baby tub
  • Johnson’s bath kits are awesome. Johnson's bath setIt has baby safe soap, shampoo, and lotion. Some come with combs or brushes and baby oil. It’s always up to you and your baby’s comfort, but I’ve found that Johnson’s doesn’t fail.


Pay attention to how your baby eats and what s/he may handle. Some babies do develop and eat as what the labels in baby foods instruct as others eat the same sooner and others take their time to eat that that certain food or amount. Your pediatrician can instruct and have a better view in the matter for you to follow safely.

  • Have plenty of bibs and burp cloths. Burp clothsBaby bibsBaby bibs 2
  • Breast pumps are a must if baby isn’t latching on to mommy. The hospital may provide one while you are there, and you will notice that mommy will like it, maybe even more so than the one the insurance may provide. Always keep pump parts clean and out of baby’s reach. Breast pump
  • Breasts pads nursing padsare useful to prevent any leakage unto mommy’s clothes
  • Your baby’s pediatrician may help with the type of formula you use if feeding formula to your baby. The hospital may also provide formula for your newborn and this will be your first formula baby will be testing. I noticed my baby was happy with Similac and this is the one she took in her newborn days. It comes bottle ready to feed and in powder form. Formula powderFormula bottle
  • Distilled baby waterDistilled baby water
  • 4oz & 8oz bottles and nipples Baby bottlesare great in this set.
  • Bottle and nipple brush for washing Bottle brush
  • These bottles have helped baby grasp and hold the bottle on her own. Breast baby bottles



As baby sleeps on a crib, bassinet, or with you on the bed, you may need these items to help keep baby comfortable and safe.

  • Waterproof pads waterproof pad
  • Swaddles are recommended to keep baby safe SwaddlesSwaddle me


A few items that are optional but may come in handy are listed below.

  • Pacifiers like this are perfect for safety and babies seem to enjoy the design. Pacifiers
  • Nursing pillow helps a lot, specially in those tired moments those first few weeks. Nursing pillow
  • A playpen won’t come in play til a few weeks later, but it can definitely serve as a place for your newborn to nap and some have a place for you to change them instead of having to worry about a changing table. Playpen


Congratulations again, and I wish you and your family the best. I will post more products and more information as time permits and as I see which items work and what doesn’t. Please feel free to visit back and check for any new content that may be of use to you. Thank you.