Your baby needs nutrition from the moment he or she is welcomed into life. As we all know, this nutrition will come from either breast milk or formula.

Mothers may or may not have the option of deciding which of these their baby will have. In some cases, both will be an option.

At one point, every new parent thinks the same thing. Which is better? Here we will face breast feeding vs formula feeding to see if there really is a better one. This comparison between breastfeeding vs formula feeding has been going on for some time now, and we are here to focus on hey they differ.

Days at Hospital

I will share this from pure experience. When a baby is born, it is the hospital’s job to make sure your newborn is in good health condition before he or she is taken home.

The newborn needs to eat, urinate, have bowel movements, and of course sleep. They will check the babies weight and they will help with changings and will instruct on how to feed the newborn.

The mother at this point may still be drowsy, tired, and in great need of rest. Some mothers at this point will not produce breast milk yet. Don’t let your newborn pass time without eating. The hospital may offer formula. Let your baby feed on this formula if you are not producing milk or you are just too tired to nurture your newborn. It is understandable that you want to provide the milk and the bond, but your baby needs to eat and you don’t want your baby at risk of Jaundice.

Jaundice comes into play when too much bilirubin is in the newborn’s blood. This can be corrected by urinating and bowel movements, which will only happen if the newborn eats.

Breast FeedingBreast feeding

Breast feeding has always been seen and is recommended as a better option for your newborn for different reasons.

With the exception of vitamin D, breast milk has vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and components that a baby and mother already share and the baby needs to feed on. It has antibodies that protect from allergies, illness, and infection. Children that are breastfed may also have less of a chance of developing medical problems.

Mothers also benefit from breastfeeding since it helps burn calories and it may also protect against ovarian and breast cancer. This burning of calories may also be looked at as a downside being that the mother has to replace those calories and watch how and what she eats to supply her nutrition as well as her newborn’s.

Another thing new mother’s will notice is that their newborn will feed more often if breastfed since breast milk is digested easier. As breast milk is being produced for the newborn’s demand, mother may not be with baby at all times requiring a breast pump and storing the milk.

Skin-to-skin contact will always be a great opportunity to bond with your newborn, but just because baby may not be latched to your nipple because their latched to a bottle, doesn’t mean you don’t spend skin-to-skin or bonding time.

Formula FeedingFormula feeding

As we read in the last paragraph, bottle feeding can still be a bonding experience between a mother and newborn, and skin-to-skin contact can still take place. There’s is no difference if it’s breast milk or formula in the bottle to bond with your baby.

Formulas nowadays are a great alternative to breast milk. It is made in such way that it actually has nutrients and vitamins that babies who are breast fed may need from supplements.

Formulas are digested slower than breast milk, so you will notice that formula fed babies will have fewer feedings than a breast fed baby would. They may also have a bit more gas and firmer bowel movements.

Antibodies is one thing that breast milk has that formulas do not, and these babies will not have the extra added protection against illness and infection.

An inconvenience with formula would be having to organize trips and planning going out with bottles and be prepared to feed your baby in a proper manner.

Despite the disadvantages, women that prefer formula over breast feeding feel great about not worrying about what they eat since it won’t be passed on to their baby.

Feeding Breast Milk and Formula

Formula and breast milk can both be fed to a baby. In my personal experience, we decided to feed our baby both. Our baby was just not latching on to the nipple and it can be an issue with producing the breast milk.

With the help of a breast pump, we managed to provide the milk and we noticed our baby would prefer it over formula. Not that she wouldn’t drink the formula. We just noticed she would drink it faster or if there was any spit ups it would be the formula, which sounds too much of a convenience. She would also always finish the breast milk, when in some cases, she wouldn’t finish the formula and she would just play with it.

When she’s hungry, she eats. There’s no difference there.

As a father, I found it a bit more convenient being able to make the bottle on demand, rather than wait on mommy or seeing if there was breast milk stored, specially being away from home.

Both Are Great

There is a lot of skepticism about formula out there still. Breast milk will always take the podium.

Mothers will always worry about what they are feeding their babies. I can’t produce breast milk, so, I’m OK with feeding my baby formula.

At the beginning, we both wanted our baby to be breast fed. As time passed, our baby taught us that it’s OK to feed her both. Now, she’s seven months of age and we have moved over to just formula feeding for personal reasons. She’s a big healthy baby who does not stop smiling, playing, and pushing to crawl and talk. She keeps us busy.

I love my baby and wouldn’t change anything about how we care for her.

Both breast milk and formula are great. Look at your options, your lifestyle, medical conditions if any, speak to your health care provider as well as your baby’s, and you can make a sound decision about what to feed your baby. Whatever your decision is, it will be a sound and great one. I know since you’re here researching about caring for your baby.

Leave any comments that can help any viewing parents and maybe some personal experience with your decision on the subject. Thanks.