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Newborn Baby Hygiene – How To Clean A Newborn

As your baby comes home, you may be wondering and asking about how to clean a newborn. As a new father, boys may be easier to clean and baby girl hygiene may be a concern as wells as a new… Continue Reading →

Breast Feeding VS Formula Feeding – Is One Really Better?

Your baby needs nutrition from the moment he or she is welcomed into life. As we all know, this nutrition will come from either breast milk or formula. Mothers may or may not have the option of deciding which of… Continue Reading →

Baby Nutrition Guide – Essential Information

New parents will always have questions and doubts when it comes to a baby’s health and how to manage their nutrition. This baby nutrition guide will help alleviate the burden that comes with gaining the ton of knowledge only experience… Continue Reading →

Infant Brain Development Facts – What You Need To Know

Your newborn could be napping, eating, or in the process of bathing, being changed, or playing when every parent goes through the same thought process of questioning their child’s growing progress. You may be asking if your newborn is eating… Continue Reading →

Baby Care Products – Newborn Care Products

You’ve been through the checklist, now I’ll take you through baby care products I’ve personally tried and prefer. This list in particular will cover newborn care products. In my journey with my little one, I have come to do quite… Continue Reading →

My Baby Care – Newborn Care Checklist

As your newborn comes home from the hospital, you will be preoccupied with his/her care. I have put together a list to help through the restless times. One thing I cannot stress enough is to rest. Even though it is… Continue Reading →

Dad During Pregnancy – First Time Dad Advice

  From the moment you find out you may be a father, strong emotions start to set in. You feel as if your life begins to take on a new meaning and your surroundings become less significant compared to the… Continue Reading →

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