Books have been important since the beginning of their existence. Their pages record and hold information that can be reused at any given moment as well as provide entertainment.

There are many books on every subject ever thought of and will be on every subject to come. We will focus on top baby books that can help us best with our little ones.

Within this article, we will recommend pregnancy books to aid in a first time pregnancy and any baby care book we may find useful.

You will find that we have provided lists on great baby books as well as reviews on those we find worthy of recommendation.

Pregnancy Books

Many people take books for granted. They can’t understand there is value in the information that can be found in them. Pregnancy books are definitely high of value and ease the path along a pregnancy when the woman or the couple have not experienced it before.

It is not uncommon for humans to believe they can do and learn as they take on a task or situation without needing or seeking help of any kind. As it is a brave and admirable thing to do so in any other part of life, some things such as a pregnancy should not be taken so lightly.

A woman who has not experienced pregnancy may not understand what her body may be going through. Much less how to respond or react to these changes or even what to expect at different points of this crucial time.

Her partner, if not having been through this experience either, will not be much help. Of course, one will be there for the other and doctor visits and their information are helpful and important, but even your healthcare provider will encourage you to research and get yourself acquainted with what to expect as you, your partner, and the little one inside you develop physically, emotionally, and bonding wise.

Books can offer a lot of information, specially in cases where physical and emotional health is at stake. Many will say that there is countless of books full of words one may not understand or be interested in even trying to read.

Pregnancy books fall in this category where much research has been done and countless books have been written. How to choose which book is for you or which will actually be helpful.

No worries.

We’ve made a short list of books that contain the necessary information for your pregnancy experience as well as reviews to go along with them.

  • Expecting 411: The Insider’s Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
  • The Mama Natural Week-by-week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • The Panic-Free Pregnancy: An OB-GYN separates Fact from Fiction on Food, Exercise, Travel, Pets, Coffee, Medications, and Concerns You Have When You Are Expecting
  • Pregnancy: for First Time Moms, What They Don’t Tell You


Newborn Books

The learning doesn’t slow down after childbirth. In fact, you will notice it has only begun. There is no worse feeling than the arrival of your newborn and not knowing a thing about what to expect, what to do, or what you may even need.

The hospital will offer all the help they can until you leave the facility. Your baby’s pediatrician will provide paperwork and will answer any questions you may have. The knowledge, tho, rests inside you and the detailed manner of how to handle certain situations can be at your fingertips.

Books, either in physical paper form or digital copies, offer the convenience of answering questions and doubts at any given moment. Tho, it is recommended you read and become familiar with what to expect, those first few days and weeks when your newborn is home, the exhaustion may be overwhelming. Newborn books are great in these situations.

Both mommy and daddy may gain the insight needed when a newborn may need his or her parents the most during these essential moments.

Don’t be discouraged. Nowadays, it is almost guaranteed you can’t fail. With the right guidance, you and your new family will be on your path to healthy, loving, and a wonderful bond.

  • Baby 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice for Your Baby’s First Year
  • First – Time Parent
  • The Good Sleeper
  • Secrets of the Baby Whisperer
  • The Happiest Baby on the Block

Expectant Dad Books

As with books for new moms and for helping with your newborn, books for expecting dads are becoming a trend and are helping expecting fathers understand their partner and their new baby.

Times have changed and a man is now involved with pregnancies and child caring more than ever. With this involvement, men struggle to understand the forming of a new life that takes place inside a woman. It can be difficult to be part of the creation of a life when your participation is on the sideline, since the man is not doing the actual carrying of the baby. Nonetheless, there is still a lot an expecting father can do and has to learn.

Books for expecting dads can definitely offer advice and the guidance a new dad needs to be the supportive, helping, loving, caring partner he needs to be in those of the toughest times for the expecting mother.

Tough times come ahead for a father to be. This list of books is created to help understand the upcoming times and events.

  • The Expectant Father
  • Great Expectations : Becoming a Dad
  • Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad
  • Don’t Just Stand There : How to be Helpful, Clued-In, Supportive, Engaged, Meaningful, and Relevant in the Delivery Room
  • The Baby Owner’s Manual

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Baby and Toddler Books

Once your newborn is home, you become familiar with what is necessary and the bonding created between baby, mother, and father. The caring for your new child becomes easier as time passes, but as that time comes along, your baby grows and develops into a child that requires more attention and care than when he or she was a newborn.

Many parents may find it that books help understand their child’s development. Many of those parents use books in order to aid that development.

As parents can learn how to care for their child’s health and care, we can all also learn how to teach our babies things that can further develop their growth into toddler stage. We all strive to help our children be the greatest and smartest they can be. Books are the assistance we need to reach this.

As your newborn grows and you see how they are developing in front of you, you may notice good times to introduce them to colors, story telling, and other learning abilities.

  • Goodnight Moon
  • Guess How Much I Love You
  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Pat the Bunny

Your New Pride and Joy

Along learning what your baby’s growth brings and seeing yourself as a fit parent, comes the joy and pride with it. You will see yourself recording all that your baby does with pictures, videos, and other mementos.

I suggest you do keep record of all this and you’ll see the difference as they grow. Trust me. They grow too fast. Enjoy your time learning as well as teaching them.

We hope these books will serve you as they have parents before you.